All seismic projects require a bespoke approach to ensure that their hydrocarbon, mineral, geothermal or passive monitoring goals can be achieved.
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What we do

We are a highly experienced hands-on consultancy team of geoscientists and project managers whose sole aim is to help and assist clients in achieving their exploration goals. We bring over 30 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE from the hydrocarbon and mining exploration sectors, and more recently in the passive and renewable sectors. We offer bespoke, tailored solutions to our clients who need our specialities to successfully acquire their sub-surface detail. Historically, most of our work has been in European countries, but we can also offer practical solutions worldwide.

Project Planning

Bespoke project design, planning and feasibility studies. Tender preparation and evaluation, budgetary support.


Full GPS mapping with integration of underground services and source power derivation.

Seismic Acquisition

Passive, 2D, 3D, 3C, 4D, VSP and refraction, vibroseis or impulsive sources.

Data Processing

Onsite data QC or full data processing including re processing of historic data.

Our History

Extensive European project portfolio with onshore UK emphasis in both urban and rural projects.

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Investigations into the subsurface require a seismic survey to be carried out. Surveys are not just limited to hydrocarbons, in fact the science cannot actually detect oil, gas or minerals, but it is the structure of the subsurface in its current form that has to be understood following the millions of years of compression, folding and faulting. How to find out what has happened requires an in-depth study, often over large areas in order to find an area of interest.

Our services

Our bespoke services range from the initial evaluation of prospects and include both subsurface and surface attributes, the design of a survey based on historical data and the needs of a client, the tender presentation and evaluation through to the preparation, execution and delivery of results. With over 30 years of local experience we appreciate both the requirements of a survey and the complexities of undertaking the work on the land, including the liaison with the numerous stakeholders and land owners.

Our experienced team includes geoscientists, experts in geomatics and land surveying, land access permit liaison and project managers, all with significant time served on seismic acquisition projects.


Seismic surveys for oil and gas have been carried out for decades. The pre-planning and engagement with stakeholders is a crucial part of the preparatory works; our experience in dealing with all the complexities of the various components is second to none and pivotal to the success of your future project.
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Minerals exist in many forms; we have worked on coal, zinc, potash, salt and lithium silicate projects. All may require discrete designing but, using our extensive history, we will have a solution for you.


Obtaining naturally heated water from the earth is a proven resource in many countries; making sure the source structure can sustain this technique on a larger scale for urban heat networks and commercial agriculture requires a specialist approach. In conjunction with our design partners we would be pleased to discuss this new and exciting future.

Other uses of seismic surveys include civil engineering to locate shallow sub-surface features such as rock heads, pre-surveys for tunnel and wind turbines etc.

The use of passive monitoring to detect underground movement and displacement has a number of uses:

Monitoring of well stimulation activities

Background seismicity programmes

Combined movement to investigate land slides


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